• Membership Experience & Benefits

    Connection is the foundation of everything that takes place at Audubon Associates. We know that when individuals, businesses, and organizations come together and work towards a unified goal, more impact is made. Our eight meetings per year facilitate these connections. Our meetings feature experts and thought leaders in business, community development, education, wealth, and asset management. We regularly attract a diverse audience of 100 or more. Knowledge is power and power leads to action. By leveraging our connections and encouraging collaboration, we can be a force for change and prosperity in our community.


    Come build your network at Audubon. Contact CEO Stuart Zimmerman to learn more.


    • Form a deeper understanding of what is taking place in the St. Louis community by learning from for-profit, non-profit, and civic organizations

    • Gain access to experts and thought leaders in wealth and asset management who can help you realize the personal legacy you envision for your family and for the community

    • Learn about our community’s specific needs and challenges

    • Create a more impactful and meaningful personal philanthropic plan


    • Use your expertise, connections and resources to  benefit the St. Louis community
    • Leverage your personal network with others to maximize community impact
    • Connect with others like-minded individuals to expand your personal and professional networks


    • Connect with St. Louis area start-ups through financial investment or mentorship

    • Invest your time, talent, and resources in local projects that are taking our community to new heights

  • Individual Membership

    Individual Membership


    For Civic-Minded Individuals


    Quarterly Membership



    For Civic-Minded Individuals


    Annual Membership
  • Business Membership


    For Civic-Minded Businesses


    Quarterly Membership

    Includes Three Members



    For Civic-Minded Businesses


    Annual Membership

    Includes Three Members